Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily: King - Dave Pryor

I drew the idea sketch for this a few days ago when the topic came up. Seemed like something I could experiment with a little so I was interested to get back to it. Basically just a forlorn king from ages past, possibly reflecting on his deepest regrets.

Daily: Turtle - Graham Sher

Recruiting for the Ninja Turtles requires a lot of patience.

Daily: Turtle - Ben Nunez

Templeton thought a new paintjob would help him woo the ladies...

Daily: Jellyfish - Dave Pryor

I was stung by a jellyfish once. It wasn't fun. It's like being stabbed with a knife. I'm sure this horde of jellyfish is just coming by to say "hello".

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daily: Jellyfish - Catherine

Daily: Gorilla - Dave Pryor

Continuing with my robot fascination, here is a face off with a giant ape.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekly: Top-Heavy Robots - Ben Nunez


Weekly: Top-Heavy Robots - Dave Shovlin

A derelict war machine forgotten after centuries of peace.

Daily: Penguin - Dave Pryor

Triple Penguin Surprise!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily: Penguin- Catherine

Daily: Penguin - Jeff Williams


Daily: Cherub - Dave Shovlin

Cherub fight!

Daily: Penguin - Shannah

Just got a fancy Cintque Wacom to play with at work. So i thought i'd toss something together real quick.

Daily: Penguin - Sean Skube

Just wanted to get this idea down. didn't have time for a very good realization.

Daily: Cherub - Dan Helle

Heres a Cherub, I gots me some catchin' up to do.

Daily: Penguin - Dave Shovlin

What every penguin dreams about.

Daily: Cherub - Dave Shovlin

Daily: Gorilla - Bob Rissetto

An over-muscled gorilla with a fez.

Daily: Eel - Dave Pryor

This sounded sort of funny... at the time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Daily: Eel - Ben Nunez

Threw together a vector quickie during my lunch break...

Daily: Cherub - Dave Pryor

Um... this isn't how it went during practice. Somebody close the curtains!

Daily: Eel - Sean Skube

I used this as en excuse to fiddle with Z brush.
modeled in Z brush, rendered in Maya, painted on top of in Photoshop.

Weekly: Plant People - Bob Rissetto

An image of a cactus family stuck with me for this week.  Prickly, but lovable.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly: Plant People - Dave Pryor

In a "Little Shop of Horrors" kind of way, I liked the idea of a plant-man that needed blood to grow. Sweet, sweet blood.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekly: Grotesquely Manly Wonder Woman - Drew Hill

 I thought I'd debut with something sexy.  Enjoy...

Daily: Punch - Dave Pryor

This guy is getting it from where he least expects it. Is this the hand of God? Satan? Hellboy? Sure, one of those.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily: Punch - Ben Nunez

The great drawing Alex Quintas did inspired me to take the confrontation to its inevitable, Kool-Aid-stained conclusion. Punchy always was a punk.

Daily: Farm - Sean Skube

A golden sunset, in a field of tall grass, and a farmer... quietly adjusting.

Daily: Hand - Dave Shovlin

Greedo never saw it comin'

Weekly: Plant People - Sean Skube

Final Image now up. I always liked the Samhain character on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon when I was a kid. here's a clip.
So that was my initial source of inspiration. Plus I just saw The Ruins, so the viney part came from that I think.

Taking a cue from Chris W, I'm posting my work in progress on my Plant People post. I'll update it later on, but I thought it would be an interesting thing, to post the WIP. Get to see the evolution throughout the week, or month.
Why oh why did I decide to do something with so many vines?

Daily: Farm - Ben Nunez


Daily: Hunchback - Bob Rissetto

It's a good work out getting the jump rope over that hump.

Daily: Cake - Bob Rissetto

Nothin' like a delicious slab of sugar!

I don't draw girls that often, but after seein' a few inspiring girlies for "cake", I thought I might give it a go too.  She's a pastry chef...and a magician/stripper.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daily: Punch - Ben Nunez

I always thought "Punch and Judy" puppets were kinda creepy...

Weekly: Plant People - ladymandelyn

Taken from my sketchbook. I had originally made these a couple weeks ago with a similar theme in mind. I thought I would post them anyway.

There is a: Peach girl, Eggplant girl, Lychee girl, Green Onion girl, Garlic Girl, and a Ginger Girl.

Daily: Punch - Bob Rissetto

No worries - he wasn't much of a looker even before his face got caved in...

Daily: Punch - Alex Quintas

Koolaid Man has no respect. (Insert Rodney Dangerfield Voice.)

Daily: Punch - Marshall Bock

Oh, puns and homonyms, will you ever grow old?

Daily: Bed - Dave Pryor

Late one fateful evening in the orphanage - the monster under the bed finally decided to show himself.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daily: Bed - Alex Quintas

My first post here! Just a quick bed drawling. :) Get it? KITTEN BED! Yea... too much girl stuff as of late. :)

Daily: Bed - Marshall Bock

Art imitates life. Here's a fugly, rough sketch of me after finally getting the new "All Past Topics" feature uploaded. Amy hates when I come to bed so late.

I realize this is a horrible submission, but I needed to actually contribute something after secluding myself in Actionscript for so long. My apologies : )

Daily: Cake - Dan Helle

Did Cake before realizing it was a daily, anywhoo here she is...Cake!

Daily: Bed - Javier Guzman

I think beds are comfy...

Daily: Cake - Dave Pryor

It's the blame game. I tried to emulate the style of artist Eren Blanquet Unten because her work looks so effortlessly simple and charming.

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Once clicked, this new section brings up a window with every topic previously released for each timeframe up until the current day. As new topics are updated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, they're added to this list.

Click on a topic, and you'll be taken to a page containing every post submitted for it, a task possible only because of our strict post-titling requirements. Implementing this functionality was a huge undertaking (and it might not work perfectly; please report bugs), but you guys are absolutely worth it.

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PS - We have something that we think is pretty cool planned for the Monthly Plunge topics which we'll reveal in the coming weeks. Keep that in mind, just in case you were thinking about skipping the Plunge...

Daily: Cake - Javier Guzman

Uh... cake.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily: Cake - Lauren Monardo

John McCrea of get it?? hahahahaha
ah-haha... :D

Weekly: Plant People - Chris W

Plant creatures are so often depicted as peaceful and/or slow. But there are many plants which are actively carnivorous. And I figure why should plant people be friendly? I mean, even this guy needs protein in his diet....

It's still in progress, but at least it's up. I would hope (and would like) to be able to take it to a more complete condition, but that depends on the whims of my fickle attention span and the ever-so-short-supply commodity of Time.

Daily: Lincoln - Bob Rissetto

Some more dead presidents. Lincoln on the other hand, is always a fun guy to draw.