Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily: Bell - Jeff Williams

This one is quite a stretch. "Bell" made me think of the "Southwestern Bell" phone company which made me think of "operators" which led me to the phone call ladies from Mad Men (of which I've been watching a ton) which led me to this image. Weird.


DJ Smack Mackey said...

very clever! I hate not having enough free time at work to draw. Too many deadlines approaching.

Jeff Williams said...

Things have been slow at work so, fortunately, I was able to pull this off today. I better not get used to it.

Dave Pryor said...

I'm jealous of you guys talking about free time at work - it's my dream!

Anyhoo - I like when these topics lead to off the wall ideas and approaches. I haven't seen more than one episode of "Mad Men", but I can see how that show can inspire from a design perspective. I think it's great that you went with your idea here and worked with what inspired you. I didn't think much past a dinging bell on this one. :)

Interesting approach with the stampy looking telephone emblem. And those 60's women sure did smoke alot, didn't they? Good details.

Keep 'em comin' Jeff!

boob said...

She's very comic booky - especially in the face. Some sort Michael Turner or J Scott Campbell mug on her. Those eyes and eyelashes - maybe it's Adam Hughes. Nice! Her neck is a bit long, but I ain't complainin' - long necks are hot. The Egyptians knew what was up. Then my eyes got down to her cigarette and I wrote her off completely :) Nice association to "bell" by the way.

Jeff Williams said...

You got it, Bob. Adam Hughes all the way. He is my favorite! And I'm not ashamed to say that when I draw chicks, or just about anything, I look to him for inspiration first.

Yeah, I think the neck is a bit long too, but it's a mistake I'm comfortable with this time around.