Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daily: Jack-O-Lantern - Daisy Church


Ben said...

Nice. I'm curious about the text, did you draw on actual book pages, or are they photocopies?

boob said...

Interesting. I do like when text is incorporated to imagery effectively. It's always a nice component to play with visually. It seems like the text here is about honey bees flying around or something. Maybe if we could actually read parts of a scary story or poem it could lend itself more to the halloweeny image. Neat stuff!

*daisy said...

ben- they're actual book pages. I get my sketchbooks from this great place -

they take old books and put blank pages in them, but they retain parts of the original book inside, so it's a mix of new and old pages, so I'm trying to draw on some of the text pages ( i don't have the heart to draw on the original illustrations- it was an old serendipity book; Flutterby!)