Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daily: Kangaroo - Alex Quintas

She's not the BEST mother out there but, she'll do. :) Sorry to have not posted in a while, senior thesis awaits! :)


boob said...

I feel awful for that Joey. You can just tell he belongs in foster care. Interesting scribble pattern. Now hurry up and finish your homework ;)

Alex said...

haha. the scribbles are just me doodling then I usually draw over them. It's SLIGHTLY schizophrenic, but FUN! :) and yea. foster care will at least avoid the cancer from the second hand smoke.

Dave Pryor said...

I feel like this poster would be displayed in seedy trailer parks across the country. That's the look you get from the dwellers within - with their young clinging on as they gaze with depressed stares.

Actually, the scribble kind of works here - like a subliminal "NO" to the image of parenting it portrays.

Is the Kangaroo wearing saggy boots? Or does she just have pointy witch-hat feet?

Alex said...

pointy witch hat feet. Hehe.