Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daily: Ladybug - Ben Nunez

Had a lull at work, did a speedpainting from a photoref using Colors! for the DS. Playback can be found here.


Dave Pryor said...

Nice Ben - I'm not familiar with "Colors!" but it sounds interesting. For the DS you say? Nintendo DS? Anyway, it came out strikingly vivid.

Ben Nunez said...

Thanks, Dave :)

Colors! is a homebrew painting program for the Nintendo DS Lite (using a flash cart like the R4 or DSTT). It's simple but surprisingly versatile, and great for doing color sketching on the go.

They're also coming out with a version of Colors! for the iPhone, it's supposed to be released soon.

DJ Smack Mackey said...

I used the same photo reference :)
Great job!
Now I need to get Colors! for my wife's DS. I didn't know it could do a playback of the paint progression.

Ben Nunez said...

The playback function is fun. And via the gallery it's an incredibly useful learning tool, seeing how other artists build up their paintings.

k. borcz said...

Ok so how do I hack into my Nintendo DS to install Colors?

Ben Nunez said...

You'd need to pick up a flash cart and a microSD memory card. You can find a tutorial on the ConceptArt forums here:

It's pretty easy, and since it uses a flash cart there's no hardware modding involved.

Lauren said...


boob said...

Amazing Ben! I've heard of various homebrew carts like this just never took the time to investigate. I appreciated the playback - always cool to see process.

What I think I like so much about the image itself, is the different areas that feel in focus vs. out of focus. Some blurry stuff, some clearer lines - it makes for an interesting balance for the eye.

I feel like this image could be painted on several layers of glass and hung together. Anyway - neat stuff Ben!