Monday, September 22, 2008

Daily: Mailbox - Dave Pryor

How can you resist the helpful mailbox? Eagerly eating your letters and crapping them to your destination. Anyway, I had a few ideas for this.

The mailbox family having some quality time at the dining table. Junior just came back early from a lame birthday party for a street lamp.

And here is an early concept I felt was better left as a sketch.


Zoomin said...

If family members can have different colors to represent different gender or personalities, it would be more fun!

Dave Pryor said...

That's true Zoomin, but you see, this mailbox family is deeply, deeply inbred, so they loose less of their originality and become almost indistinguishable from each other over time. :)

Yeah, I thought after the fact that I should have done the baby mailbox as one of those typical house style boxes.

boob said...

Underbites are genetic among this species - ha!

Most people probably think mailbox people is a bizarre idea to begin with but I should know better by now. But the depth of the strangeness gets to me as you've reveled Jr. has friends and is returning from a party as evidence by his balloon. A glimpse in the life of this mailbox family...and your brain ;)

Ben Nunez said...

I love the googly looks on their faces, that really makes the pic for me.

*daisy said...

ha ha ha! the one with the birthday hat cracks me up. I love those teeth too! and now i hear imaginary postal box monster sounds in my head. GREAT.

Sarah Satrun said...

nice! :D