Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily: Toad - Patrick Cheng

Ironically, Toad doesn't jump very well in Super Mario 2.


DJ Smack Mackey said...

I think Super Mario 2 was my favorite. But yeah, Toad wasn't a good one to use usually. I was almost always Luigi. He had that weightless jump.

Patach said...

Yeah, Luigi and Princess Toadstool were my bread and butter in that game. Princess jumped over all the slippery parts in the ice level.

boob said...

SMB2 I was quite fond of but Toad was absolutely useless. Just a mutant mushroomed freak that wished he was cool. If he looked more like a real frog like your image, I might have actually played as him/it.

Dave Pryor said...

Another game I never played, but I know the character. He's in every Mario game now - right?
It would have been cool if Toadstool would transform into a toad at some point in the game.

Speaking of toadstools, if you've ever played Viva Piniata, they would prove to be the bane of your existence - making all pinata who eagerly eat them sick to death.