Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monthly: James Bond Pinup Girl - Alex Quintas

Wish I was able to post for some of these dailies because from what I've seen you kids are coming up with some hella fun stuff.

This is my stab at a pin-up girl built for James. :)


Dave Pryor said...

Elbow burn AND shoulder burn! Looks like James already got to this one. ;)

DJ Smack Mackey said...

she needs a clever name. :)

boob said...

"Heat stroke"? "Afterburn?" ;)

Nice one Alex! I'm super glad to see people taking a stab at all the options - daily, weekly, and monthly. I don't want anything to slip through the cracks! :)

But I dig your touches of red for sure. Simple sketch with some accents - Nice.

Alex said...

I'll call her Peel-y? Or Afterburn. Aloe? For the after after burn?