Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monthly: Link Re-Design - Hofer

Late! I never got around to fleshing this idea out but might as well post what I had. I started with that Alchemy program and just kinda "played" till I saw some interesting pose to work with to spark my painting. You can see my little sketch from Alchemy here.

I like the face and stance but the body got a little too thin and disconnected.


Dave Pryor said...

I dig it. Link is kind of like a tree man here with his feet planted into the ground.

I kind of like the oversized hat treatment and the beard is like the old snake from Metal Gear 4.

boob said...

Yeah, I see feel some military fatigues mixed with some pirate in this Link. Very unique. That hat is crazy. Reminds me of the game Zack and Wiki on the Wii. Cool pose too.