Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monthly: Link Redesign - James Mosingo

So This submission is a wee late. Hope you guys like it!


boob said...

I've been playing some Soul Calibur IV and this Link redesign could fit right in with the rest of the characters. I could even see buying the Tri-Force themed armor in the character creator. Coincidentally, Link was featured in the previous Soul Calibur, but in his usual Nintendo form.

Nice stance with his legs and I particularly like his armored feet. Soul-less eyes are a good choice for any dark character remake. Hope his sword is finished off page - he won't get very far with a broken blade :)

James said...

Glad you like it! Yeah, I'm very familiar with the Soul Calibur series. And yeah, it was kind of weak that the Link in there didn't really fit the SC world.