Monday, September 8, 2008

Monthly: Link Redesign - Bob Rissetto

Originally I wanted to do a very primitive 3D looking link that was inspired by the Dire Straits video "Money for Nothing".  Very quickly that became no fun.  You can check out some of the exploration doodles that lead me up these designs on my own BLOG.  So this first one is a weird amalgamation of different influences - storybook, Spumco, rubber hose, etc.

And this one was inspired by UPA type cereal commercials.  When I got to color, it started to feel a lot more like a style you might see in some sorta independent comic.  A simple character, liberal blacks, and a limited color palette.


DJ Smack Mackey said...

Does Link fund cheese in the game? I soooo never got into this one. I was more of a Super mario fan. Zelda required too much time to finish. :)
I like the first one best. Link looks like he's gone mad.
I never found enough time to get my redesign very far off the ground. I was gonna try for a Frazetta Link. Oh well. Maybe I'll get the Bond girl one done in time.

WillRyan said...

I love the white rim light, the clouds, and the great color choice of the blues on top of the browns. I'll take an adult large t-shirt of that one, please. :)

Dave Pryor said...

The top link is such a peanut shape - almost in pain with glee for finding that golden yellow prize. Definitely Bee-Zaar.

I have to say the contrasting link takes the cake for me. Simplistic and unassuming. I think I may play my first Zelda game if it was designed like this.

boob said...

Thanks guys - that golden prize is the mystical Triforce that was usually the holy grail at the end of the game. To any unsuspecting spaz it just looks like cheese.

Kevin Barber said...

awesome Bob. Keep it up and you may just become one of my favorite artists.