Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daily: Gun - Damon

The is a piece i have been working on for a Day of the dead themed art show at the Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock, CA.

Artis​t Recep​tion :: Satur​day,​ Octob​er 25, 2008 :: 7pm-​10pm

Cactu​s Galle​ry,​ Eagle​ Rock,​ CA
4534 Eagle​ Rock Blvd,​ Eagle​ Rock,​ CA 90041


k. borcz said...

Oh nice. Congrats on the artshow.

boob said...

Is that a dead Elvis on the crapper with a gun and a PB and banana sandwich?? Looks like someone barraged in on him. Hope the show goes well for ya!

I especially like the repeating "ELVIS" in dot lights as a design element.

damon said...

Elvis died on the toilet

and it is a fried pb banana and bacon sandwich his fave

oh and the dots are on black velvet
(my moms idea)

tried to put a bunch of different Elvis things in to it

thanks for the nice comments

Dave Pryor said...

It looks like Peanut Butter Bananna Bacon sandwiches can even make a skeleton fat.

Nice work Damon. I recognize the repeated Elvis text treatment from one of Elvis' records. A great touch in this window-box sculpture.