Friday, November 28, 2008

Daily: Astronaut - Dan Helle

Not sure what the protocol is for posting here but since I got such in depth crits from Bob I thought I'd post the finished results on the space girl I did a few days ago.


boob said...

Nice update Dan!

In general for updating a post, we try to just add on to the original post with a new image or replace it all together. Then, to make sure everyone still sees the new changes, you can adjust the date of the post to be the current date so when you publish, it'll be fresh for everyone to see.

You can consolidate your posts if ya like, or just remember for next time and leave your update just as it is.

Now lookit those legs! Noticeably longer. Looks good. There's some nice line weight in the inks without losing any of the sketch's appeal as well. I kinda feel like some of the lines get a little thick that outline her hair, compared to other thick-lined areas, but maybe it's just an illusion. The aqua skin and purple getup are good choices too. Neat to see the progression Dan!

crylic said...

Alrighty! I'll definitely remember that for next time.

Thanks again, Bob! As for the thick lines in the hair, yeah, I agree with ya but it's not a huge concern at this point as I think the image still works and it's not distracting, but I feel ya.

k. borcz said...

nice I like it