Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily: Frankenstein - Ben Nunez

This one started as an idle doodle on the bus (I think it was on Halloween, appropriately enough), then sat on my memory card untouched for quite a while, 'til I saw today's topic and decided to gussy it up some. Playback can be found here.


boob said...

Nice Frank, Ben. Interesting juxtaposition between the more realistic portrait and the cartoony lightning bolts. It's very subtle, but the soft areas of blue light on his face add a lot. They could even be punched up a lot more or maybe the light on his ear/neck could even be the same blue-ish color. But in general, the addition of color makes it more interesting to the eye instead of just shades of green and gray. Cool man.

Me want brains.

Ben said...

Thanks for the critique, Bob. I see what you're saying about punching up the color, and I think the shadows could also use a little more oomph.

Would you like a side of fries with those brains?