Wednesday, December 3, 2008


He may be an ugly monster but he needs love too!


DJ Smack Mackey said...

It's like a demented Tickle Me Elmo!

boob said...

This is great little design Octav! It's funny to think his body is just a box with hands, feet, and a head stitched on. Interesting line quality - kinda looks as though he was drawn small and scaled up so we can see all those line imperfections. Neat!

Octav said...

thanx guys!

you can see the original drawing with all the line imperfections on my blog:

Dave Pryor said...

Like what DJ said, he'll be the hit of the Christmas season. I can see you winding him up and letting him shuffle around the room looking for someone to love. He grabs a hold of the family cat and "hugs" it to death. Then you spend Dec 26th in the return line waiting for a refund.

I like it!