Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily:Frankenstein-Mike Milo


DJ Smack Mackey said...

This just screams "Monster Squad" to me

Mike said...

Hah! I never heard of that show/movie but a quick look on the internet brought up a trailer! It looks pretty cool, so I will consider that a compliment! :-)

Actually the original drawing:

was from development with Sony Wonder to bring the kid's book "How to Care for Your Pet Monster" to TV. It never made it to air.

I still liked the drawing and was itching for something to paint to practice a bit so I painted it up the other day for Thought Faucet just for the heck of it.

boob said...

Wow. Interesting to compare the original sketch to your colored version here. Thanks for sharing.

I like the pukey greenish yellow you chose for his skin. Not your standard Frankenstein shade. If I had to voice a criticism, it would be the boy's foot that looks a little too twisted in the opposite direction. Certainly this is just a painting for fun but that's one thing that stood out with me. Hope ya don't mind me saying.

Oh I also liked his fur vest! Just because your limbs are sewn on doesn't mean you can't have style :)

Mike said...

Nope don't mind the criticism at all... Yeah I agree about the foot now that you say it... It looks fine to me when it's really cartoony and flat but when you give it dimension it looks wonky.