Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekly: Psycho Sis - Sean Skube

All finished.
I had been looking up Garbage Pail Kids the day before this topic came up, so it was instantly what I thought of. Kinda looks like my sister's old cabbage patch doll too.

EDIT (again): ok, I'm actually done now. Thanks to Bob for pointing out that I hadn't finished the pigtail bows.


boob said...

Man that brings back memories. The gradient background with the soft shadow and subtle under lighting are just like the old cards.

I'm just glad we can't see her knee dimples. Man I hate knee dimples.

boob said...

I caught the clean version and the worn look is a nice addition. Nice Sean.

*nerd alert*

Her blue pigtail holder/ribbons look fine when the card is small, but did you intend to do anything more to them? Just an element that looks like it mighta slipped through the cracks.

DJ Smack Mackey said...

Oh snap!!! I totally skipped them in my haste to finish it before catching my train Looks like I'm not done yet.

Dave Pryor said...

Looks like a real "Garbage Pail" card to me. Great execution Sean. My brother and I had all of these cards - fun to collect. I can still taste the powdery and stiff chewing gum.

boob said...

Cool man - whatta way to follow through and finish 'er off. Print it out at actual size and see if you can fool your friends!