Saturday, August 2, 2008

Daily: Knight - Marshall Bock

I used to play a lot of chess, and the knights were always my favorite pieces. Not only do they move uniquely in play, but they look unique too. Here's a really stylized knight. Enjoy!

Clarification: Tags and Searching

Through a lack of foresight, we failed to define clearly enough how tags should be used. Our sincere apologies. Let's try this again.

We've reinstated the default Blogger Navigation Bar that lives at the top of every page. At its far left is a search field that checks for queries only within this blog. Use it to do internal searches for all sorts of things, such as specific topics, timeframes (daily, weekly, monthly), your name or someone else's, even text contained in the body of a post.

Try to avoid adding the topic or your own name as a tag to your posts, since following the post naming convention ("Timeframe: Topic - Your Name") is sufficient for associating each of them with your posts. A query using the site search is just as effective at finding the post you're looking for, and most importantly, it doesn't bloat the tag list. Consider if there were a tag for every topic over a year; that's 365 dailies + 52 weeklies + 12 monthlies = 429 tags for one year. That'd make for one long tag list!

So please use search as a first resort; it's a great feature. Another nice thing about the Blogger Navigation Bar is that, once signed in, it includes a direct link for creating a New Post, saving you the hassle of going to your Dashboard and creating one from there.

Not so nice are the Flag Blog and Next Blog buttons directly to the right of the search field. The former will mark this blog as containing "objectionable content," essentially marking us for a Google audit (which of course we don't deserve). The latter takes you to a random blog, which you don't wanna do, right? You wanna stay here!

Sorry again for the confusion. Hopefully this clears things up.

Happy arting,

The Management

Daily: Toaster - Dave Pryor

Trying out some graphic design on this one. At first I was thinking of doing a boxy elephant for the toaster shape, but I think bears attacking children is what you'd rather think about while eating toast.