Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily: Ear - Hofer

Well... that's what it felt like at least.

Daily: Damage - Dave Shovlin

Daaaaaaa Mage! I'm trying to work out some speedier methods of rendering that, ya know, look alright.

Daily: Damage - Bob Rissetto

On the way home I was thinking of a guy getting his arm cut off with a huge pair of scissors. Then an ax. Then a saw. And then a guy getting cut in half with a saw made me think of a magician.

Daily: Damage - Dave Pryor

I can not explain why I thought of this, other than it sounded somewhat humorous in the shower this morning. If it helps, the baby ducks under the elephant's foot probably only had their feathers ruffled. Just trying to keep it exploratory. Also, the fact that Marshall and I drew duck signs is purely coincidental.