Thursday, August 7, 2008

Daily: Pull - Kurt Kanellos

Just a quick-and-dirty one to get me started. I just realized that my first submission to the previous blog also involved the bloody removal of teeth. I think I may have a problem...

Weekly: Top-Heavy Robots - Dave Pryor

I chose a fairly literal interpretation here, mainly just because drawing menacing big robots has been a big thing for me recently. The image for this was in my head all week and its fun to finally get it down on paper. Well, digital paper at least. Nothing too clever - but I wanted to do something a little "War of the Worlds" with a city in the foreground that has practically no hope of defending itself.

Daily: Damage - Marshall Bock

Here was my original idea for "Damage" until I came up with the duck/car crash scenario. Any excuse to draw a zombie...

Daily: Ear - Bob Rissetto

All I could think of was someone with Spock's ear around their neck like a trophy.

Weekly: Top-Heavy Robots - ladymandelyn

Hee hee, the first thing that came into my head was this image. I wanted a retro feel. If there were robots in the 1950's they'd probably would have been that "top-heavy."

Daily: Pull - Ben Mazza

Since I've been working on a lot of different things lately, this image came to mind. I'm planning on re-working the face sometime later today

Updated with snazzy new features like a blue shirt

Daily: Damage - Kevin Barber

Someone else's post on "damaged goods" made me in turn think of,... "Damaged Gods."

Daily: Ear - SchottStyles

Always make sure......

Daily: Toaster - SchottStyles

Daily: Ear - James

Finished this last night, but didn't have internet. Oh well.

Daily: Ear - Dave Shovlin

Daily: Damage - Marshall Bock

UPDATE: Now that I've had an opportunity to spend some effort on actually completing this piece (check the comments), here it is again, this time a little bigger, a little cloudier, and a lot more damagier.

This is a style I've never attempted before, so please be kind. Guys like Steve Lambe, Dave Pryor, Bob Rissetto, and Jeremiah Alcorn really have this style down (when they choose to use it), and it's always intrigued me; it's so incredibly different from what I normally do.

Time to step out of my comfort zone, I guess.

Original Submission

Daily: Ear - Minji

If you ever want a 3000$ set of ears...

Hello everyone :)

Daily: Ear - Dave Pryor

Remember kids - bundle up this winter to avoid frostbite!