Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekly: Top-Heavy Robots - Kevin Barber


Daily: Pull - Dave Shovlin

I added a dash of color and a clay pigeon to clarify the idea.
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Daily: Hand - ladymandelyn

What would a Mandy drawing be without watercolor? This drawing reminds me of the baby bird I rescued recently....minus all the poops.

Daily: Hand - Brad Rose

Marvel at the complexity in Brad Rose's latest work. Don't miss a thing! Not even that tiny crab on the ocean floor.

Daily: Pull - Lisa Larson

This is an admittedly weird sketch I did for an abstract thought. The first thing I thought of when I read "pull" was drawing my blinds over the city lights and noise that are getting increasingly irritating to me, and the idea that the nature a long for would burst forth from said blind. I know, I know "damn hippy".

I learned through this exercise that I need to choose less complicated concepts when given a day!

Weekly: Top-Heavy Robots - Darryl Young

Daily: Pull - Dave Pryor

Alcoholism is a funny subject. So is torture.

Daily: Hand - Ben Mazza

I always loved the Warner Bros "Of Mice and Men" dynamic.. Lennie wanted to shake George's hand....

Daily: Ear - Heather Jones-Pryor

I just like making stuff gross.

Daily: Pull - Marshall Bock

I thought about cleaning this up, but like Bob, I'm gonna try to force myself to keep these Drips simple and rough. I'll save the color and vectors for Streams and Plunges.

If you can't tell by the thickness of my scribbles, this sketch is extremely small, hence the lack of detail.

Daily: Toaster - Heather Jones-Pryor

It is what it is.