Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekly: Green vs. Yellow - Lauren Monardo

Aw man...I see I'm a bit late on this one :( Hope it's okay to post still
Really great stuff here so far!

Daily: Washington - Dave Pryor

George is guilty of more than just chopping down cherry trees.

Daily: Cloud - Brad Rose

I don't think I've ever seen a frowning sun tumor on a cloud before. Fantastic. Brad's drawings really make me wonder what he's thinking.

Daily: Phone - Bob Rissetto

Part of my new deco appliances line I'm unveiling at Target.

Daily: Cloud - Bob Rissetto

A tornado of the rip snortin' variety. And with that, some clouds.

Daily: Sink - Bob Rissetto

Just a sink with a high plumbing bill I suppose.

Daily: Clouds - Lisa Larson

I haven't used charcoal since college, clouds are a perfect subject to use it for. This is halfway done, need to find "Char-Kole" brand charcoal.

Daily: Clouds - Dave Pryor

Raining hex-nuts and Philips-heads.