Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daily: Beatnik - Dave Pryor

For guy beatniks, I think of scruffy dudes in round sunglasses tapping a drum as punctuation to their poetry. For girl beatniks, I picture strong women who ride their scooters - not having to answer to anyone. They'd just as soon blow smoke in your face than play by any rules.

Daily: Lincoln - Sean Skube

This I spent a whopping 10 minutes on. I just decided to jump right in and whatever I did first is what I would post. Sorta stream of consciousness.

Daily: Beatnik - Sean Skube

I imagined Jack, pounding away at his typewriter, mad that his punctuation keys were broken.

Weekly: Green vs. Yellow - Bob Rissetto

Road rage is common on the border of Pickle Town and Bananaopolis.

Taking a hint from Marshall's "damage" post with the stylized cars. And the windows gave me a problem. I drew the characters holding their respective steering wheels but if I left the glass out, the background shown through and made the car too busy. And glass of different opacities just muddied up things. Tried highlights and gradients too. Just opted to block it out I suppose.