Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily: Cake - Lauren Monardo

John McCrea of Cake..you get it?? hahahahaha
ah-haha... :D

Weekly: Plant People - Chris W

Plant creatures are so often depicted as peaceful and/or slow. But there are many plants which are actively carnivorous. And I figure why should plant people be friendly? I mean, even this guy needs protein in his diet....

It's still in progress, but at least it's up. I would hope (and would like) to be able to take it to a more complete condition, but that depends on the whims of my fickle attention span and the ever-so-short-supply commodity of Time.

Daily: Lincoln - Bob Rissetto

Some more dead presidents. Lincoln on the other hand, is always a fun guy to draw.

Daily: Washington - Bob Rissetto

Washington or bust.

Sometimes it just doesn't feel right. Here's a slew of scribbles where I was trying to work out something that I liked for "washington". Nothin' really felt like it was clicking. There's a red one in here that reminds me of something Ryan Summers would draw. I wonder if he's out there...

Daily: Cake - Chris W

First post. Activity abounds! 15 min doodle. It looks so...forgotten. Poor cake.

Daily: Cake - Sean Skube

Mmm, sweet gluttony!

Daily: Hunchback - Dave Pryor

I worked on a show that had a hunchback character named "Siggy". Now I can only draw him when it comes to hunchbacks. Oh well, here he is again - sort of.