Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daily: Punch - Ben Nunez

I always thought "Punch and Judy" puppets were kinda creepy...

Weekly: Plant People - ladymandelyn

Taken from my sketchbook. I had originally made these a couple weeks ago with a similar theme in mind. I thought I would post them anyway.

There is a: Peach girl, Eggplant girl, Lychee girl, Green Onion girl, Garlic Girl, and a Ginger Girl.

Daily: Punch - Bob Rissetto

No worries - he wasn't much of a looker even before his face got caved in...

Daily: Punch - Alex Quintas

Koolaid Man has no respect. (Insert Rodney Dangerfield Voice.)

Daily: Punch - Marshall Bock

Oh, puns and homonyms, will you ever grow old?

Daily: Bed - Dave Pryor

Late one fateful evening in the orphanage - the monster under the bed finally decided to show himself.