Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily: Punch - Ben Nunez

The great drawing Alex Quintas did inspired me to take the confrontation to its inevitable, Kool-Aid-stained conclusion. Punchy always was a punk.

Daily: Farm - Sean Skube

A golden sunset, in a field of tall grass, and a farmer... quietly adjusting.

Daily: Hand - Dave Shovlin

Greedo never saw it comin'

Weekly: Plant People - Sean Skube

Final Image now up. I always liked the Samhain character on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon when I was a kid. here's a clip.
So that was my initial source of inspiration. Plus I just saw The Ruins, so the viney part came from that I think.

Taking a cue from Chris W, I'm posting my work in progress on my Plant People post. I'll update it later on, but I thought it would be an interesting thing, to post the WIP. Get to see the evolution throughout the week, or month.
Why oh why did I decide to do something with so many vines?

Daily: Farm - Ben Nunez


Daily: Hunchback - Bob Rissetto

It's a good work out getting the jump rope over that hump.

Daily: Cake - Bob Rissetto

Nothin' like a delicious slab of sugar!

I don't draw girls that often, but after seein' a few inspiring girlies for "cake", I thought I might give it a go too.  She's a pastry chef...and a magician/stripper.