Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily: Penguin- Catherine

Daily: Penguin - Jeff Williams


Daily: Cherub - Dave Shovlin

Cherub fight!

Daily: Penguin - Shannah

Just got a fancy Cintque Wacom to play with at work. So i thought i'd toss something together real quick.

Daily: Penguin - Sean Skube

Just wanted to get this idea down. didn't have time for a very good realization.

Daily: Cherub - Dan Helle

Heres a Cherub, I gots me some catchin' up to do.

Daily: Penguin - Dave Shovlin

What every penguin dreams about.

Daily: Cherub - Dave Shovlin

Daily: Gorilla - Bob Rissetto

An over-muscled gorilla with a fez.

Daily: Eel - Dave Pryor

This sounded sort of funny... at the time.