Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daily: Giraffe - Graham Sher

Darwin, eat your heart out.

Daily: Giraffe - Javier Guzman


Daily: Gorilla - Sam Rissetto

Hi everybody! I hope you guys don't mind my adding some photos to your blog. Here's a gorilla I saw at Lincoln Park Zoo. Not too sure what he's licking...

Weekly: Manly Wonder Woman - Bob Rissetto

A couple Wonder Woman ideas here.  What's more manly than gator rasslin' really?  I couldn't help but imagine her as a female body builder of sorts - which has the potential to easily gross people out.  And for whatever reason, I felt the need to make it like some sorta text book diagram.  Art can be educational too!

Daily: Penguin - Bob Rissetto

A tasty frozen treat!  Careful 'bout the beak though.

Daily: Eel - Bob Rissetto


I cleaned up this eel with a couple color options just fer grins.

A had a hankerin' for drawing some sorta zombie eel.  He stinks so bad flies had to learn how to swim.