Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily: Crane - Jeff Williams

Yeah, this one is just a bird...

Monthly: Link Re-Design - Hofer

Late! I never got around to fleshing this idea out but might as well post what I had. I started with that Alchemy program and just kinda "played" till I saw some interesting pose to work with to spark my painting. You can see my little sketch from Alchemy here.

I like the face and stance but the body got a little too thin and disconnected.

Weekly: Kermit The Gorf - Hofer

Had to do it...

Daily: Jack-O-Lantern - Dave Pryor

I've been playing this game called Viva Pinata. In the game, you lure cute little Pinatas into your garden in a variety of ways. One of the species you obtain in the game is a "Sherbat", which is lured by "tinkering" with a pumpkin and transforming it into a Jack-O-Lantern. So, long story short, here's my illustration of two Sherbats happily residing in my garden.

Daily: Jack-O-Lantern - James Mosingo

I love the headless horseman. Hope you guys do to.

Monthly: James Bond Pinup Girl - Alex Quintas

Wish I was able to post for some of these dailies because from what I've seen you kids are coming up with some hella fun stuff.

This is my stab at a pin-up girl built for James. :)