Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily: Castle - Caitlin Lehman

Oh, dear me!

Daily: Ladybug - Kristine Borcz

Daily: Castle - Bob Rissetto

This small Rapunzel scene is for all the little people out there who had to make due with normal-sized nursery rhyme books.

Daily: Ham - Bob Rissetto

Ever have a hankerin' for your own leg?

daily: Devil - Bob Rissetto

Satan likes his wieners crispy.

Daily: Underbite - Bob Rissetto

"Tsk, tsk - look at this plaque..."

Daily: Underbite - Sean Skube

I dunno. just what came out when the pen hit the tablet.

Monthly: James Bond Pinup Girl- Javier Guzman

This one became a little more "movie poster than "pinup", but at least it has a girl in there.

Here's a detail of the Eiffle Tower scene...

Thanks to Bob for the proper use of the word "till".
Till is not a shortened form of until and is not spelled 'till. 'Til is usually considered a spelling error, though widely used in advertising: Open 'til ten.