Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daily: Shoes- Catherine

Here's a quick sketch of a hand stand.

Daily: Shoes - Ryan Summers

Just a quick sketch on the iPhone while riding the Blue Line into work in the morning. I find myself staring at the floor sometimes imaging a whole other ecosystem of creatures commuting in from the suburbs. You have to look out for the little guys!

Too much Fraggle Rock growing up probably...

Daily: Elephant - David Jackson

Weekly: James Bond Pinup Girl - Bob Rissetto

Here's my take on "Octopussy". What girl wouldn't want a octo-kini? Or maybe that's just her hair... Just trying for somethin' stylized and hoping not to offend anyone :)

I made a couple tweaks to the green-ish blue version and I added a whole new girl all together. I had one other pose I liked in the sketch phase so I decided to clean her up and give her a different color.