Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monthly: Street Fighter Redesign - Peter Dora

I chose Cammy for my redesign. I think she is a cool character but her outfit is a little absurd. I wanted to make her more like a combo of an ultimate fighter from the military. Maybe a little GI Jane. She's gotta be tough but look good with a shaved head Evey style from V for Vendetta.


boob said...

Interesting take on Cammy here. She's always been somewhat militarized (albeit in a pastel leotard) but you've taken here to the extreme here. Certainly looks like should should be kickboxing someone to death.

Hardcore Cammy fans would have your head for axing her trademarked braids! :)

Dave Pryor said...

That's one chiseled physique!
Maybe you are looking forward to SF4?