Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Daily: Imperfect - Patrick Cheng"

An equipment problem in the Star Trek arsenal.


boob said...

Only in someone's fan fiction would you find Piccard with a light saber/phaser.

Looks like you were really putting some emphasis on his quizzical expression. Cool.

If I might be so bold, try looking up some hands holding guns and things just as reference. Try to pay attention to how the fingers wrap around something and how much of the fingers you see when they're gripping. Try to visualize the depth. Then the fun part is simplifying them it into pudgy sausages or square-tipped paper strips!

Hope you don't mind the crit. Always great to see somethin' new up here!

Patach said...

No, that's cool. I kind of drew for the face and made the rest kind of a quick addition.

But thanks for the crit on the hands, it's definitely an area that I continue to look into!

Dave Pryor said...

Funny face on the captain here.