Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daily: Flamingo - Sean Skube

Ok, so I felt like animating something. And as some of you know... my animations don't usually end well. It's an animated GIF


Drew Hill Studio said...

hilarious! not exactly the ending I expected.

boob said...

Alright! Takin' it to the next level. The funnest part had to be that last pass adding the blood. Funny to think the sword could have been hidden behind his leg and unsheathed whenever threatened.

It looks like there's an up and down motion to the guy as runs away with his stumps which I think is funny. Like an over exaggerated panic.

DJ Smack Mackey said...

thanks guys. Boob, you know all my animations tend to end in bloody messes. Without it, you'd notice the crappy animation quality. :) It's like sleight of hand.