Monday, May 18, 2009

Daily: Zombie - Shannah O'Meara

Havent posted in FOREVER! so I saw that there was a Zombie pick of the day and figured i'd toss up the Zombie Squirel train I did for a gallery thing at AOkay Offical. More picks on my blog Hopefully more sketches and such to be posted on here more often.


Dave Pryor said...

What a cool idea. The Zombieness and cuteness makes this work for me. I especially like the dead eyes and open mouth of the foreground zombie.

boob said...

Pretty incredible. What's the scale here? I'm imagining a Lionel train car here like you'd see at christmas, but I can't imagine painting on something so rigid and small. Neat project for sure. Now I wanna see it go by on the blue line ;)

Shanzilla said...

its a 20"x 4" plastic train car that i gesso'd and sanded the bajesus out of.its 1.5" deep too. which was hard getting the perspective on the tails and such right so it didn't look like they bent. I got some new work up on my blog too!

Thanks for the the kind words!