Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly: He-Man Redesign - Sean Skube

Finally finished it. I was thinking of doing He-man, but Bob's entry made me think of other characters, and my favorite was always Mer-man. Don't know why. Maybe it was his corn-on-the-cob sword? who knows.
I gave him a fish tail, because seriously, he's supposed to be in the water. Don't recall if I ever saw him actually swimming in the cartoon though. Whatever. Maybe when he goes on land his tail turns to legs, like in "Splash".


boob said...

Mer-Man has never looked that evil! And with a fish tail no less - Cool man!

I dig his little peg teeth in there. Great face in general. Nice grabby hand too.

Is this a bit of a collage? Some stuff looks like crafty texture work and/or possibly 3D.

Neat how he's on his own poster/trading card with the slanted He-Font.

DJ Smack Mackey said...

I used various fish, shark, and hand painted textures, that I warp and shape and then overlay with a low opacity. Not so much collage. More like bump and texture mapping like I would in 3D. Since I started Thought Faucet, I've found my 2D and 3D techniques have begun to cross over. They're not as different as they seem really.

Dave Pryor said...

This is pretty cool Sean.

I agree, Mer-Man is one of the best - and I also thought his sword looked like corn-on-the cob. I like how his face almost looks like he's wearing a yellow mask. He's definitely more "powerful" looking in this interpretation, which makes his title of "Ocean Warlord" more believable.