Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009!

A new year and we're already broken! I've wondered what might happen to the code once the timecode changes as we roll into the new year... The result is a busted back log of past topics.

I've grown my brain just a smidge (kinda like when the Grinch's heart grows to that first, still quite puny size) since first tackling this the first time. My chicken scratch proof is below - HA! Anyway, bear with me as I try a dramatic behind the scenes overhaul. The generator for the Daily Drip, Weekly Stream, and Monthly Plunge should continue to work, but when I get the time, I want to rethink some code.

Marshall, if I can build a rough functioning template, you wanna re-art it?


Weekly: Psycho Sis - Sean Skube

All finished.
I had been looking up Garbage Pail Kids the day before this topic came up, so it was instantly what I thought of. Kinda looks like my sister's old cabbage patch doll too.

EDIT (again): ok, I'm actually done now. Thanks to Bob for pointing out that I hadn't finished the pigtail bows.