Monday, March 22, 2010


This one was a bit batty but fun to do.


boob said...

There's some unusual proportions in Bats here that I like. A seemingly long torso and limbs. That one back leg reminds me of John Romita's style with those bulbous calves and shapely feet - somethin' from "How to Draw the Marvel Way".

Really like that knife hand on him. It's a tough pose for a hand, slicing right at us!

JAG said...

Awesome remarks, Thanks boob! It's a throw back to my childhood memories of these Marvel character stickers that I had stuck everywhere in my bedroom.

I tend to have unusual dynamics when it comes to anatomy plus I really wasn't sure what my end result was going to be. I just finished Robin and I knew Batman was next. I wanted him to be retro colors, when I think retro superheros almost by default I think back to those stickers, which is why it turned out to be a sticker I guess.

Thanks Again boob!

What's the one thing missing on this Batman that JAG totally forgot to add?

boob said...

That's a good riddle...

I'm purely guessing - is it the 3 shapely "teeth" that adorn Batman's gloves/forearms? You know those stylin' serrated leather blade things that really just looked cool back in the 60s but became retractable metal gadgets in the later incarnations.

Is that it?????

JAG said...

That's it!! I can't believe I forgot to add that in. I realized it almost as soon as I posted. I left it like that just to see if anyone noticed.