Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charlie Brown Werewolf


Dave Pryor said...

This is great! Doing this topic in the form of a comic strip is genious!

boob said...

I don't envy Charlie Brown at all: always moping around, your best friend sucking his thumb, constantly humiliated by a girl... Compound that with all the "quirks" of being half were-beagle and I'd probably just jump off a bridge and end it. Somehow Schultz innocent style overpowers all the stress his characters seemed to face.

I think the panel of Charlie Brown choking himself is really characteristic of Schultz. He'd over emphasize the drama - "Ugh! I've been kissed by a dog!" and you'd see the self-choking pose with those over-aged worry lines around the eyes. Funny and accurate.

JAG said...

Thanks Guys! I love Charles Schultz for creating Peanuts. My original thought was to re-draw the scene in the Halloween special where the girl draws a pumpkin face on the back of CB's head. I was going to draw a werewolf face instead using the exactly point of view we see in the in the cartoon.

I started to vector that shot and began doodling
full moons, framed in a comic strip panel on a piece of paper off to the side.
As soon as I thought it it was something I had to do.

Thanks Again!!!

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